St. Bartholomew and Bix

Award winning cheese

St Bartholomew and Bix

Award winning cheese


Nettlebed Creamery makes two pasteurised cheeses using certified organic milk from Merrimoles Farm which spans the Oxfordshire villages of Nettlebed and Bix. The farm has been organic since 2001 and its healthy, robust herd comprises a three-way cross of Montbéliarde, Swedish Red and Holstein Friesian. The cows graze on grass and clover leys with additional herbs such as chicory, plantain and yarrow.


Nettlebed Creamery was founded by Rose Grimond. Having cut her teeth selling produce from the Orkney Islands at Borough Market and to top restaurants in London, Rose moved to the family farm in South Oxfordshire when pregnant with her first child and started to research how to help the farm diversify by turning its superlative milk into cheese.

Three years later, in January 2015, the Creamery took its first delivery of organic milk from the dairy herd.


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