Nettlebed Creamery is an award-winning, artisan cheese business in South Oxfordshire.

Our goal is to improve lives with food:

  • First, through getting the sheer pleasure that comes from eating well;
  • Second, by making food that’s good for you (we have a very good working knowledge of microbes, and are proud to contribute to good gut health);
  • Third, through leading conversations about farming and all that goes with it: ecosystems, carbon sequestration, pasture, cows, cowpats, worms and soil


Nettlebed Creamery was founded by Rose Grimond. Having cut her teeth selling produce from the Orkney Islands at Borough Market and to top restaurants in London, Rose moved to the family farm in South Oxfordshire when pregnant with her first child and started to research how to help the farm diversify by turning its superlative milk into cheese.

Three years later, in January 2015, the Creamery took its first delivery of organic milk from the dairy herd.


We are proud of our awards…

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