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The Best in the Business

We have set out to be the best at what we do.  Our goal is to make the finest artisan cheese in the country and we want to do it in a way that is synchronous with the environment and the seasons.  We want to make the journey from farm to food to fork as uninterrupted as possible, and to educate consumers about that journey, and in so doing about the benefits of organic farming and good environmental practice.  In this way we believe our work can be beneficial while also creating products that are both natural and delicious.

We hope to contribute to the establishment of food supplies outside of the grip of big-business farming – changing the world, one cheese at a time!


Nettlebed Creamery is run with the help of:

Chief Scientist – Patrick Heathcoat Amory

Patrick has had a lifelong interest in farming, food and fermentation.  Growing up in Devon on a diet of raw milk gave him a finely tuned sense for the unleashed potential in every litre our cows produce. After 14 years as a consultant Environmental Scientist, Patrick joined us to manage the technical side of our business, develop new products and bring just the right amount of science to bear on our artisan values.


Office Manager – Nicki Muil – nicki@nettlebedcreamery.com

Bookkeeper – Karen Regent – karen@nettlebedcreamery.com


Diane Honey, Rachel Martin, Jess Mudford, Mat Newman, Sabrina Longley, Charlotte Thomas.


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