Our Kefir

Kefir is a probiotic, yoghurt-like drink thought to originate from the Caucus mountains over 2000 years ago. We make it with pasteurised, unhomogenised organic milk at our award-winning creamery in Nettlebed using continuous live cultures, known as Kefir Grains. After pasteurising the milk, kefir grains are added to start the fermentation process, and the finished kefir is ripened and then bottled, teeming with live cultures.

Because it is lightly fermented, kefir is credited with all the wonderful health-giving properties which stem from repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Kefir has a fresh, slightly tart flavour that will continue to develop further in your fridge adding complexity. Because it contains live cultures, you may notice a light fizz which adds to the refreshing taste and some natural separation may occur on standing. Gently upend the bottle one or two times and the kefir will return to its pristine condition.

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