The Cheese

Nettlebed Creamery makes two unpasteurised cheeses using certified organic milk from Merrimoles Farm which spans the Oxfordshire villages of Nettlebed and Bix. The farm has been organic since 2001 and its healthy, robust herd comprises a three-way cross of Montbéliarde, Swedish Red and Holstein Friesian. The cows graze on grass and clover leys with additional herbs such as chicory, plantain and yarrow. The quality of the milk and the terroir of the farm is expressed wonderfully in the cheeses.


Bix is a soft, unpasteurised, triple cream cheese, named after the village where the herd grazes. The recipe is loosely based on that of a Chaource, a luxuriant white-rind cheese from Champagne country in northern France.

St Bartholomew

St Bartholomew is a semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese, named after Nettlebed village church. It is made with organic milk and is made to a recipe which is similar to many alpine cheeses. It has a deep, nutty flavour with fruity, caramel overtones and a smooth texture. The cheese is matured for 5-6 months. St Barts is certified organic by the Soil Association.