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Nettlebed Creamery is home to two cheeses made with organic milk from Merrimoles Farm which spans the villages of Nettlebed and Bix.

The first cheeses at Nettlebed Creamery were made in January 2015. Since then we have worked hard and learnt fast and now we are home to two award-winning cheeses, with a third in development and kefir on the way.

Cheese can only be as good as the milk allows and we are very lucky that all our milk comes from the family farm down the road. The farm has been organic since 2001 and its healthy, robust herd of cows graze on grass and clover leys with additional herbs such as chicory, plantain and yarrow. The quality of the milk and the terroir of the farm is expressed wonderfully in the cheeses.  The milk is certified organic and comes from the healthiest, happiest herd imaginable.

We are very proud to take such superb milk from wonderful animals and turn it into delectable cheese.

st bartholomew


St Bartholomew is a semi-hard, pasteurised cheese, named after Nettlebed village church. It is made with organic milk and is made to a recipe which is similar to many alpine cheeses. It has a deep, nutty flavour with fruity, caramel overtones and a smooth texture. The cheese is matured for at least 6 months in our specially designed aging rooms.

It is certified organic by the Soil Association and by the time of sale the cheese is 20cm in diameter and weighs between 1.6-2kg.

St Bartholomew is winner of SUPERGOLD at the World Cheese Awards 2017.

Bix is a soft, pasteurised, triple cream cheese, named after the village where the herd grazes. The recipe is loosely based on that of a Chaource, a luxuriant white-rind cheese from Champagne country in northern France.  Each cheese weigh at least 100g.

We launched Bix in May 2016 and have found that its following is spreading round the world.

Bix won the category “Best Soft White Cheese” in the British Cheese Awards 2018 at the Royal Bath and West Show.


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