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The Farm

My great-grandfather bought the farm here in Nettlebed in 1901. My grandfather created the dairy in 1950. We converted to organic in 2001.

We are very proud to be organic. We truly believe that the most responsible way to create food is to be certified organic by The Soil Association.

In his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan points out that for every calorie of food created in a non-organic farming system, two calories of energy from fossil fuel have been used. In an organic system, that calorie of food has taken a calorie of energy from the sun.

By not using pesticides, fungicides and fertiliser, we enable nature to carry on in her own way — and with that comes a wealth of biodiversity. We are extremely lucky to be able to enjoy the countryside around the farm with its abundance of wildlife.

AND to enjoy the exceptional milk produced by the happy herd of cows, and the dairy products we make using that milk.

We hope you enjoy the rewards of this organic farm as much as we do.

Yours, Rose

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