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To celebrate VE Day this Friday, and to try and help the most vulnerable in the community, Nettlebed Creamery is proud to launch its new milk float delivery service by giving away 50 two-litre bottles of organic whole milk. Please nominate a Nettlebed household which you think deserves a bottle of free milk delivered to their door this Friday by emailing milkfloat@nettlebedcreamery.com


Triple cream, mould-ripened soft cheese – winner of GOLD and BEST ORGANIC CHEESE at the British Cheese Awards 2019.


A square, washed-rind semi-soft cheese. With brothy and bacony notes. Lends itself really well to all sorts of cooking.


Semi-hard cheese which is aged in hay.  We are the first cheesemakers in the UK to age cheese in hay and it lends really interesting grassy and fruity elements to the rind.

One of the many great things about cheese is that it can’t be trussed up in a ribbon, put in a shiny package and sold as something it isn’t. It is either great or it isn’t.

This is especially true of artisan cheeses, which display the particular terroir of the farm the milk comes from, and reflect the hard work of the people who made them. Large-scale supermarket cheddar is the only cheese that comes closest to cheating as it uses a particular bacteria – Helveticus – which hits the sweet and salty receptors in the mouth and creates a uniform, highly accessible flavour. A sort of MSG of cheese. A true artisan, farmhouse cheese on the other hand is nothing other than a celebration of the cow’s milk from which it is made.


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