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All you need are a pair of trainers to start. We will meet in the car park and take off for a brisk warm up jog/power walk, depending on level of fitness or possible injury recovery.

We will make various stops along the route for a few functional fitness exercises, as well as impersonating Basil Fawlty. As you can see from the attached photos, these are all very fun and laughter is inevitable.

For those that want a more rigorous exercise regime there will be hill reps and sprint work to increase the cardio benefits.

The remainder of the group will stick with power walking and the spontaneous bits of exercise thrown in for good measure.

Once back at the car park will will finish with a bit of core work and stretching before we finally break for a much anticipated coffee. What’s not to love?

Hope to see you there!
Cat x

To find out more, email shedfit@nettlebedcreamery.com with your name.


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