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As with any foodstuff there is a huge spectrum of quality when it comes to milk. Ours is very much at the highest end of the range.


First, all our milk comes from the family farm. The herd is a mix of Swedish Reds, Montbeliarde and Holstein Friesian. This programme of cross-breeding leads to healthy, happy cows.

Second, our milk is organic. This is beneficial to the consumer, the countryside and the cows. Being organic is the best way of ensuring animal welfare, diversity of fauna and flora in and around the farm, and the minimal amount possible of tampering with the raw product.

Third, we do not homogenise. We believe this to be an intrusive and unnecessary process, and we like to keep our milk as untainted as possible.

You can buy our organic milk from the Shed Shop at the Cheese Shed, on site at Nettlebed Creamery.

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