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We are very proud of the organisations we partner with and support.

At Nettlebed Creamery we are always coming up with new avenues of innovation to improve how we experience our local produce. We are very proud to be working on our exciting collaboration bringing together the Creamery’s pursuit of creating fantastic cheese that improves the health and wellbeing of our consumers with cutting edge food microbiology research from the University of Reading. Our cheesemaker and microbiologist, Sabrina Longley, has been working with a renowned Professor of Food Microbiology, Glenn Gibson, over the course of her PhD, giving her a unique opportunity to further investigate the relationship between food (particularly cheese of course!) and gut health and how that can relate to overall health. You can read Sabrina's monthly blog, where she takes you along with her on her PhD journey and shares her findings. We also hope to share more about current knowledge and research surrounding the gut microbiome and health in a video series coming soon to our Instagram feed with Professor Glenn Gibson and Dr Anisha Wijeyesekera from the University of Reading.


We have also been working with our local prison HMP Huntercombe for many years, offering paid work to highly-vetted offenders as part of their rehabilitation programme. Successful candidates come to work every morning alongside our hard-working team and return to prison at the end of the day. The opportunity provides invaluable experience that leaves them much better equipped to find work and contribute to society after release.

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