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What do our cows eat?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Behind our multi-award winning cheeses is our organic milk and our happy and healthy cows so we thought you'd be interested to know what we feed them.

In the summer the cows eat as much grass as possible because it's what they're supposed to eat! If grass is in short supply, it is supplemented with hay of silage.

In winter, when the grass isn't growing and the cows are indoors, they are fed grass and clover silage, wholecrop silage and hay.

🌾 Grass and clover silage is preserved grass. It essentially pickles if you put it in a big heap or bale and excludes the air.

🌾 Wholecrop silage follows the same process but is made from barley/pea crop. When it is 75% ripe, it has less energy than grass silage but more starch because of the grains in it.

This is supplemented with a dry blend of peas, barley and protein meal to boost the energy and protein level of the diet as the cows are in peak production in the winter months.

We are proud to be certified by the Soil Association 🐄💚.

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