The Cheese Shed is designed for walkers, cyclists, families and anyone wanting to pop in for a healthy and delicious snack and hot drink. Customers can choose from a cheese toastie, kefir smoothies, local coffee and a variety of locally baked cakes.

We also have a Farm Shop within The Cheese Shed where customers can shop from the creamery’s own produce of organic cheese, milk and kefir along with bread, eggs, honey, pickles, crackers and lots more.

Opening Times

Open 6 Days a week
Tuesday-Friday: 8.30am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00am – 3pm
Closed on Mondays (except bank holidays)


Are your cheese toasties suitable if you're pregnant?

Our toasties are made with cheese which in turn is made with pasteurised organic cows milk.

We do not offer medical advice on cheese and pregnancy but if you would like to know more about cheese and pregnancy please email

Do you have anything gluten-free?

Having considered this with a great deal of thought we have taken the decision that we can’t offer gluten-free toasties as we can’t control, to our satisfaction, the risk of cross-contamination.

Do you have any dairy-free milk for the coffee?

At this time we only stock our own organic, unhomogenised cows’ milk. We do offer a range of cold drinks and herbal teas.

Are the cheeses suitable for vegetarians?

Our cheeses are made with traditional rennet which isn’t vegetarian.

When are you open?

Tuesday – Friday 8.30am – 3pm;
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 3pm. 

Is The Cheese Shed accessible if you're in a wheelchair?

We are currently working with a third party to improve our disability provision. At this time we have a disabled parking place as close to The Cheese Shed as possible.

It should be noted that we do have woodchip on the ground throughout or service space which is an uneven surface.

We do have a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Please do ask for any assistance from our staff and do get in touch ahead of your visit if you would like any further provision or special assistance.

Are there toilets at The Cheese Shed?

We have temporary toilets at the moment while we work on an application for something improved in the future.

Can you park at The Cheese Shed?

We do have car parking at The Cheese Shed but:

  • Please do park carefully and considerately
  • Please do drive very slowly
  • Please note that the car park closes at 4pm and the gates to the premises will shut
Can I use the car park to go for a walk before visiting The Cheese Shed?

We kindly ask customers to only use the car park for the duration of their visit to The Cheese Shed, simply due to the limited parking we have on-site. We hope you understand.

Can we see the cows from The Cheese Shed?

No, the milking parlour is just over two miles away.

Do you need to book / can I reserve a table?

Please let us know if you are a large group intending on coming but we don’t take reservations per se.

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